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tv   St. Louis 250 in 250 Exhibit People  CSPAN  June 22, 2014 2:12pm-2:19pm EDT

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long american history tv is featuring the missouri. st. louis, chartery our cable parter ins. c-span visited the many sites exploring the city's history. learn more about st. louis this tv.end on american history >> in 2014, st. louis is celebrating 250 years of the city. they put together an exhibit called "250 in 250." it is 50 people, 50 places, 50 images, 50 moments, and 50 objects. the museum's public storage shares with us selections from one of the exhibit's five selections. >> we are standing in front of the 50 people selection. this section of the exhibit is the first one of visitors see
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when they come in to the exhibit space. the people section was the one people fought hardest for. everybody had a certain person they really had in mind. i think setting it up was the idea of people was a strong starting point to talk about moments and that kind of thing. some of them are st. louis native, born and raised here and it exciting things here. some are people who came to st. louis and exciting things from somewhere else, and some are people who later on they wanted nothing really to do with st. louis, they just happen to be from here. one of my personal favorites is james eads, who built the eads bridge. he taught himself from age 13 onward how to form structures and that sort of thing. and he basically taught himself how to build a stable tableting machine. he would go down and salvage
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these and sell them, so the eads bridge was significant because the time it was the longest arched bridge in the world at over 6000 feet long, and people were kind of terrified of it. they really did not have a lot of faith in it. today we think steel is very strong. they thought it looked like a skeleton and was ready to fall over at any time under its own weight, so eads was really impressive to me just because of a national story associate with him but also the fact that he taught himself how to become an engineer. gerty cori is one of our selections. she came from prague with her family. her husband got a job, and even though she had the same qualifications as him, she did not. she was made a research assistant and given a salary 1/10 of his. together, they figured out how life agenda is absorbed by the body, and they won a nobel prize
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for the discovery. she became the first woman in history and the first american woman ever to earn a nobel prize. ♪ when people think about ragtime, st. louis has a close association with the right time mostly because of scott joplin. thomas turpin is the man we chose for the exhibit, and scott joplin did not get chosen. thomas turpin is the man who came before scott joplin even. scott joplin cut his chops playing in thomas turpin's saloon. turpin for started publishing ragtime music in the 1890's, and he opened a saloon here in st. louis called the rosebud café, and it was basically where any ragtime player came to test his mettle against other ragtime or is. the other story that is not as
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widely told about turpin is the story of african american entrepreneurs who basically just people think about african americans that sort of having to just play by the white persons rules in the 1800's, but these were african american entrepreneurs like tom turpin who basically set up their own business for blacks by blacks and found ways to make money and started this whole series of businesses within the african-american community. a lot of times you hear about the race issues in st. louis, but there were also a lot of really creative things coming out of the african-american community that really get kind of glossed over. some of these people selections have objects associated with them, most of them come from our collections here the museum and a couple of other places. some of the really interesting ones -- we have one of chuck berry's guitars that he actually loaned to us for this exhibit. charles lindbergh's flight suit is very popular.
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he is a feature in the city. visitors could choose the 51st person, and each month they get to vote and we will put up whoever gets the most votes. so many people would not put in the exhibits that are very famous st. louisans, like i mentioned scott joplin or miles davis. people can vote for them and we will feature them for one month, and then onto whoever they vote for next. long american history tv is featuring st. louis, missouri. gateway arch that is made monument. c-span's local content vehicles visited many sites exploring the city's rich history.
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about st. louis all weekend long on american history tv. think most people are like i was when i first saw it. it from a distance, you think that is interesting, that is kind of cool. closer you get to it you massive it is and anding to the base of it touching it and looking up to the top, it is really very impressive. the closer you get to the more become.d you we're standing very close to the arch in st. louis. steelot tall stainless structure designed in 1947 but mid 1960'snto the and completed in 1965. each year we


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